By Diamond Brown

Corporate Christians Rise

Christian Non-Fiction Book

Corporate Christians Rise is a career and leadership development book written from a faith-based perspective.

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Ava Lamb Children’s Book Series 

Experience Ava Lamb’s heartfelt journey as she encounters Christ for the first time. An orphan seeking answers amidst the sorrow of losing her parents, Ava feels lost and alone—until she discovers a new family who guides her through a transformative journey of faith and discovery. This captivating three-book series is ideal for young readers curious about Christianity, the experiences of orphans, and anyone longing for an uplifting and touching story.

Case Study: BIPOC Vice Presidents

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion has become a common buzzword among HR Professional and Organizational Leaders. Despite the popularity of the term’s usage, boardrooms across America are slowly making needed changes to address disparities in representation. Daily, members of the BIPOC community, are making history as the first to step into leadership roles and positions. Have you ever wondered what makes this elite group of individuals special? What secret sauce do they have that we will need to emulate to achieve similar success.

Personal Branding

Personal Branding for Solo Entrepreneurs

A step-by-step guide to developing and implementing personal branding strategies for solo entrepreneurs. This book provides foundational knowledge on benefits of personal branding and provides a framework for implementation. You will be ready to influence your target demographic market in minutes!


I enjoy the straightforward approach to the books created by this author. She is able to share truth and inspire with the same words. 

– D. Parker-Mason